I Shall Not Miss You

, , , April 25th, 2010


On the 24th TINT took the opportunity to take part at an one day event a Brixton Village/Granville Arcade and invited several artist to show their works in progress in one of the empty shop units. I presented a prototype for a new piece of work. “I Shall Not Miss You” makes use of computer vison to control a robotic arm and a water gun. While the system is programmed to shoot water on people it has to overcome mechanical and algorithmic imperfections. The further rises out

of the missing feedback loop in the robotic arm. Thus the program can only control wether a motor rotates and its direction but will not be able to correct fault positioning created by mechanical imperfaction. The algorithmic imperfection is caused by the programs aim to position the arm closest to all detected human targets. While one person is very likely to be shot at the program will aim the gun between two detected targets.

For the project I used an cheap of the shelf robotic arm, an Arduio board, and Processing based computer vison.

View more information on the event on the TINT exhibition site.

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