Installation Transmission & Interference

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Transmission+Interference installation shown at i-design09 curated by Cybersonica and TINT. Old Cinema, University of Westminster, London – Thursday 24th September.

The installation is the result of the ongoing collaboration with sonic artist David Strang and bases on experiences we gained in the workshop Transmission & Interference.

Audio is transmitted via hacked laser pointers and received by photo-resistors and then amplified. Any action that disturbs the laser signal (i.e., blocks the path between transmitter and receiver) will therefore stop the audio transmission and adds noise to the amplification.

Out of the many ways to interfere with the signal we have used a copy of Duchamp’s ‘bicycle wheel’.  Which is seen as the first kinetic sculpture and offers a visual beautiful way to interact with the sonic installation. Influenced by Cage we made use of the constant rhythm created by the wheels spokes and added small pieces of card board to create a score of rhythms for the installation.

memories of children striking often said to be the first kinetic sculpture. Also taking influence from Cage we created a prepared bicycle wheel. The wheel was placed between the transmitter and receiver and had small pieces of card placed at points between the spokes. When the wheel was spun rhythms of noise and audio signal were created.

Photo Credits: Gareth Goodison

More photos can be found here:

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